Monday, May 5, 2008

The Rhetoric of Sex and the City

The headache women have to be deal with being labeled. The idea that one has to marry and raise a family, putting their dreams in the back seat. When does the equality of men and women kick in? Sex and the City portrayed just some of the ideas that women would have never imagined acting on. The idea of being successful and independent women.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lasik Surgery

Hello fellow classmates,
I read on Time magazine about patients that have had complaints on their lasik surgery. I personally had it last year and I have no regrets. Many of the patients were complaining of having trouble adjusting, especially at night. I have discomfort once in a blue moon, but nothing serious.
Yet most of the complaints were because patients claimed they were not advised of the side affects. For instance the the decline in vision related to age. My aunt got it done last year, she is 45, and she can't see little letters, therefore she wears reading glasses. Yet before the surgery she could not see a thing without the glasses, not even the tiny letters. So in her case, she gained something.
But then, what gets me is that the doctors will make you sign consents where it is states all the possible side affects. The patients complained about how they were not informed. What happened to reading before signing. If one has trouble understanding, then one should ask questions.
Well, just some thoughts.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Zimbardo's Study

Hell all,
I am taking a Psychology class, and we are just studying personality. The professor showed us a video about the experiment that Dr. Zimbardo led back in 1971. Dr. Zimbardo was trying to prove how good people can become evil when put in an evil place. It was very interesting because what started off as a simple experiment, became something that got out of hand. The participants that volunteered for this experiment were assigned to be either the guard or an inmate by a coin toss. A building in Stanford University was made to look like a prison with the bar cells and all. In a matter of a day, the inmates started to believe in the crimes that they supposedly got arrested for. The guards really got in the part of the authority and one of them even tortured the inmates. The inmates even refered to themselves by their inmate number not their name. They all rebeled against the guards just like in the real prisons, but things got out of hand. The students were playing the part so well, one of the inmates had to get psychiatric help after the experiment. The experiment was scheduled to last 2 weeks but was stopped in 6 days instead.
My question is: Can good people become change when put in an evil place? I'd personally like to think that this is not the case. But what do you think? Do you believe we react to what is called a situational attribution. Situational attribution meaning, we act depending in the situation we are assigned or exposed to.
For more information about this study, I have provided the website

Friday, April 11, 2008

Hello all. Here I go again with another story about my experiences at work. What can I say, my job has taught me alot of lessons about life.
So I am helping at the register and I get this very nice couple. The gentleman was holding his wife's hand and whispering something in her ear. She giggled slightly and she handed me her claim ticket. I got the medication. She then asked me a question about her prescription. You see, there are options for a discount since most of the medications are expensive even though they are generic. The majority of our patients are elderly so they have some sort of insurance to help out, but what about the middle class? I can speak for most when I say that what many people consider well paying jobs, just doesn't cut it if you become ill.
Back to the lady from earlier, her question was how could she get the medication without paying a fortune. She had already applied for the discount but financial services considered the couple over-income. Her husband earned an annual income of 20,000. The lady a skin condition in which her skin was practically falling apart. She would get what looked like scabs and these pieces of skin would fall. The whole thing was very painful even to see the scabs. She had them all over her body. Because of the medications she was previously prescribed, she developed thyroid problems and ulcers to top it of. The doctor prescribed medications for her ulcers, thyroid, and her skin scabs. The cream for her skin was only to help until they could figure out what was causing them. For three medications, the total came up to two-hundred dollars, and that was with the discount included.
The husband became upset when he talked about how when being evaluated for a discount, they advisors said they made too much. They didn't even qualify for food stamps to help with the burden.
The eyes of the lady became watery and explained how they realize how it is not my fault but alot of people get all the help and people who work and bearly make ends
meet don't get assistance.
Needless to say, I felt terrible because I know there alot of people who are going through the same situations. One's health should never be placed in the back seat because whe can't afford it.
I spoke to my supervisor and fortunately we were able to work something out. She left with her medication very grateful.

Friday, April 4, 2008

This morning I got to work and attended the monthly department meeting. My supervisor was discussing the changes the hospital was undergoing within the next couple of years. The intensive care unit is expanding to provide better health care in cardiology for example. Then he went on to talk about the changes the Pharmacy itself was going to experience. The supervisors are planning to get some prepacking machines that are supposed to help alleviate the load, and decrease the errors in pre-packaging. Though it all sounds great, it just made it that more evident that noboby is indispensable. We will all soon be replaced by robots and the number of employees will diminish to just a few. For instance, a hospital on the eastside got a couple of robots to make the hourly deliveries to the different rooms. This robot got rid of two tech positions since this robot took up the workload. The robot was refilled with the most common meds and the robot had a backpack attached so all other meds that needed to go up could be placed in there. Once he got to the designated areas, the nurses punched in their passwords on the keyboard attached to the front of the robot unlocking it, then the nurses got their meds.
With this new dispensing machine, the pharmacy will get rid of one technician position for sure because the estimated time of filling a med cart today is two hours give or take. This is all depending how busy the rest of the pharmacy is. With the dispensing machine, the average filling is about twenty to thirty minutes. The computer has all the schedule meds of the patients, and with the hit of a button, the computer sends this to the machine to begin the fill process. All the pharmacy would need is a person to refill the machine.
This might not seem as drastic to many of you. But just think of some of the things that have become obsolete because computers have replaced them. Needless to say, how dependent has one become with technology. Half of us can't even remember phone numbers because they are saved in our cell phone phone book. I have been the victim of technology when I lost my phone last week. I have only six entrees that I could remember, everyone else, well let's just say I am hoping to see them soon to get their numbers:)

Friday, March 28, 2008

New York, New York

This spring break I spent it at New York. The aw began as we were landing, the view from the top and at night was amazing. Given we did arrive very late at night, we just went straight to sleep. The next morning, got up and visited the Liberty Island and Ellis island. Ellis Island is the place where the immigrants were screened for any kind of infection or diseases. Just seeing the pictures, one can get a sense of relief immigrants must have felt. A whole who beginning and a new life. After crusing Battery Park, we headed to check out the World Trade Center just a couple a blocks away. Though there is a only two big holes in the ground(it just looks like they are building any ordinary building), people after seven years still come to bring flowers to the site. Rumor has it that even a year after the incident, one would get chills just being near it. I only got to walk about a tenth of Central Park, which by the way is gorgeous. I visited the Natural Museum of History, where the movie "A Night at the Museum" with Ben Stiller was filled. I must admit, it would have been awesome to have some showcases come to life. LOL. At night I got to walk down Times Square. Las Vegas has alot of lights but Times Square puts it to shame. It was a bit impossible to walk though with the amount of people. I got to experience the subway. As a matter of fact,our subway was the 'E'. It took us pretty much everywhere we needed to go. Overall, I had a blast. Coming back though from such a fast paced city, I sure did get a reality check back in El Paso. We are sooo laid back. Anyways, this was my spring break, hope you all had a great one as well.

Friday, March 14, 2008


I was listening to NPR on the way to home yesterday after work. I caught the interview of an older lady who was talking about how her husband and herself have to eat of paper plates and with plastic utensils. The more I listened, the interview was concerning the eviction that renters are facing in California and accross the United States. Banks are trying to regain their losses by reselling the properties, but alot of people are losing their homes because of it. What was more disturbing about the issue of this couple, is that the landlord kept collecting money even though he was aware that the bank was foreclosing the property. The couple found out because there happened to be a notice on the door of the house asking them to leave within thirty days. How unfair is this? And to top it off, the couple did not get their money reimbursed for the time they paid when the landlord was aware of the situation. Fortunately, the couple got another thirty days to move out with the help of a legal aid, but the are still in world of hurt. Moving is not easy or cheap. God bless the families that have to rent and experience such injustice.